Sunday, December 15, 2013

Won't you be my neighbor?

My sister Elizabeth, her husband Andrew, and their son Clark moved to Columbus, OH in September, and boy oh boy, we couldn't be happier!! It's only about an hours drive for us, so we have been regular visitors!! Everyone should live that close to a family member in my opinion! PLUS- my parents visit more often since the they can visit two kids in one visit, which I LOVE!!! 

 Elizabeth is like the queen of organization and she had their whole house unpacked in like one day!  She's a pro! 

 I love having my parents around! They are so fun! 
 We all got to watch conference together

 We love to see the Columbus Temple! 

Family Pictures in October

A December "Christmas" visit

This Chinese Restaurant had this random Tiki fireplace that didn't even put out heat! hahaha

We love to play games like stack and tensies! 
Poor boy fell asleep with a pretzel in his mouth!
"Dad- why do you have your top bottom done up?" Elizabeth
"Because my neck is cold." Dad 

It's so fun being with these fun people! Luckily I get to be with them forever! 
Feel free to move to Ohio and join the party, everyone is doing it! 

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