Monday, July 14, 2014

The Fourth

The Fourth of July is one of Tyler's favorite holidays. He loves anything America, so a whole dedicated to it is right up his alley! I love America too, so it works out. :) Our fourth was pretty low key this year since we just moved into our new house and were still unpacking and we were trying to get ready for my niece Julia coming to visit! But we still had fun!

This is one of my favorite decorations in our house and it's very appropriate for celebrating America! 

 I had some delicious patriotic cereal for breakfast :) 

Then we went and played mini golf with Kyle and Ashley. That's American right? 

 Then we had dinner at the Guy's house; hamburgers, watermelon, and potatoes.  Pretty American if you ask me! 

Fresh picked raspberries from the back yard!! 
Then we went and watched fireworks in downtown Dayton.  They were awesome and in the middle there was this huge flock of geese swimming away making a racket because they didn't like the fireworks. Pretty hilarious! 

Pretty chilly for the fourth of July! 

I feel so grateful to live in a country where we have so many freedoms! I love being able to express my opinions freely and worship my religion freely! How lucky we are! God bless America!!! 

The Shady Lane House

Well my friends, after MUCH anticipation, we FINALLY got into our own little house!! Hallelujah! On June 28, we spent the first night at our house and began our new adventure! It is a cute 3 bedroom, one bathroom house with a garage (score!!) and a nice front and backyard! Moving has made me realize a few things.  1. I have a ton of junk. Where does it all come from?? 2. Being a grown up is expensive. 3. It's so fun to have your own space to decorate, clean, and be in charge of! Pretty satisfying. 
Here's a little unofficial tour! It already looks a lot different from these pictures, but it's just a general idea for ya'll. And of course you are more than welcome to come for a visit! We sure do love company, and Tyler loves showing off Ohio! 

Our guest bedroom/ the "green room" 
Our bedroom with our wonderful King size bed. I go to bed at night, and don't hear or feel Tyler till morning! Kind of weird but also kind of nice! 

Our bathroom

The front room 

The family room minus any furniture...

Last minute touches before we move in...

The craft room/workout room/yellow room

Our mantle 

The Kitchen
We got a new fridge about a week after we moved in. She's a beaut ;) 
The view from the kitchen window +bonus view of my hubby mowing the lawn on the riding lawn mower. 

Our dining room? 

Selfie eating our first breakfast at our new house :) 

We bought a desk and a table at Goodwill and we are planning on repainting both of them.  We already painted the table and I love how it turned out!!! I'll have to post a picture of it in the family room... 

We're excited to have this house to make memories in and make it our home! 

P.S. Come visit us! 

The GOLDEN 25!

I have looked forward to my 25th birthday for YEARS because it is my GOLDEN birthday!! (I turn 25 on the 25th!) I didn't know what I wanted to do, but I knew I wanted it to be awesome because it only happens once! :) But as it was approaching, it seemed more and more like it was going to be one of those "off year" birthdays, which normally would be fine except that I have wanted it to be awesome for so long! So I was getting kind of bummed. BUT my sister came to the rescue and drove from Columbus with her son and spent the day with me and made it super fun!! (Tyler had to work :P) It wasn't anything wowy-zowie, but I got to spend it with family and friends and that's what really makes life golden, am I right? 

My day started off with a fun FaceTime call from the Deardeuffs! They caught this gem of me loading my dish into the dishwasher- ha! 

Then the party people arrived! YAY! 

We drove over to an outdoor mall called the Greene. 

Clark was totally digging the girl time thing. He loved all the awesome accessories at Charming Charlie! Hahaha
And I loved this golden bird and nest necklace, so I bought it! For my GOLDEN birthday of course...
Then we went to Old Navy and bought a 25 cent bouncy ball and a $25 shirt (before tax :) ) 

And Elizabeth got Clark this balloon, and I asked if she picked yellow for my golden birthday and she said no. It was because it matched the yellow writing on Clark's shirt. Hahaha 

Then we went to our favorite Thai Restaurant in Dayton called the House of Thai. Super yummy stuff! 

Of course, driving through Beavercreek we had to make our best beaver faces!

He's way cooler than his Auntie that's for sure...

We went back to the Guy's house after lunch for Clark's nap time and watched the premier of Girl Meets World, played Blokus (they let me win ;)), and opened Mom's birthday package. 

Clark was a good helper opening my presents.

My Mom sure loves a theme! And she ran with the whole Golden birthday idea! I LOVED it! She is amazing! With an ode to boot! 

Lovin from my hubby! He wasn't feeling too well, but he still helped us celebrate! 


The presents from my Mom! She is so generous and creative! It's going to take at least 25 more years for me to be half as amazing as she is!! 

THANK YOU MOM and DAD!!!!!!!!! <3

Tyler and I took a 25 minute nap. It was fantastic. 

My birthday was on a Wednesday, which means mutual! A lot of the leaders were out of town plus we planned the activity, so I wanted to go. They played ultimate cabbage (ultimate frisbee with a cabbage) and had popsicles.  It was kind of crazy, but I think they had fun! 

There was a golden sunset on the way home! So lovely! 

Anisa asked the lady in our ward who made our wedding cake to make me a birthday cake (carrot of course). SOO thoughtful of her! It was super delicious and looked so cute!!! (especially compared to what Tyler got for a birthday cake..errr...I'm working on that for next year!) (and she knew I was 25, she was just sticking with the 24 carat gold thing...) 

Awesome shirt from my brothers at BYU! 

It was such a great day and the party kept going the next day when I met up with Elizabeth half way to return her wallet! yay! hahaha 

I got a beautiful card from Kristen a few weeks later, too! She always makes the most beautiful cards!  

My 24th year was pretty great, but 25, I'm ready for you!! I can't wait to see what this year holds! I know some people don't like the whole aging thing, but I'm really excited to be 25! I think it's a great age! And I have so many blessings in my life right now, how could it not be great?? I say, bring it!