Monday, April 28, 2014

Spring is springing!

After such a long, cold, snowy winter, this spring is making me so happy!! Everything is so lovely and I can finally go outside again! YAY! SO here's a spring smorgasbord! (And now I know how to spell smorgasbord....) 

Here's our first Easter together. Technically it was the Friday before Easter, but we look very Easter-y and match-y and cute, so it's going up! Our Stake had an Easter concert that we went to and it was great! 

The sunset after the concert

Just some fun candy art. 

Posing with the Phlox since I was matching :) 

Our Easter setting...I should have taken a picture of the whole spread! So much yummy food! 

We made another stop at Cox Arboretum. We love that place! It's so lovely! 

Tyler snagged this shot and I have been using it as my wallpaper and I love it!! It's so lovely! 

My awesome hubby started a new job! Woot woot! I am so proud of him! He is working for a research lab doing their website development and maintanence. 

Another sign spring has come! Beautiful blossoms on trees! 

This fun mural at our school also feels very spring-y! 

I made tortellini bianco for dinner one night to use up some leftover ham.  It turned out really yummy! Thanks Melanie for having such an awesome blog to help me feed my family! :) 

The last weekend in April we went up to Columbus to babysit Clark for the day while Elizabeth and Andrew did their workly duties :) We sure have fun with that cute little guy! 

The sky was so pretty driving there! 

Clark was pretty happy to see us! 

While he was eating his cheese, he held it up to me and said "I"! He is so good at his letters! 

Lots of slides as usual.  The boy loves a good slide. 

Driving around we saw this crazy accident! The entire top of this car is gone! How did that happen??? 

Tyler was a good sport and took a break from studying for finals to watch Clark while I went to the temple.  I love to see and go to the temple! <3 

The last order of the day was a ward party Elizabeth was in charge of taking pictures at. We stuck around to watch Clark so she could do the picture taking.  We decided to jump in and take a few and they turned out really fun! (Don't mind my crazy nap/wind blown/oily hair.  Just look at Clark's cute face, mk?) 

My hubby loves Ohio for sure. 

And to top off the day we enjoyed some Panda Express since they don't have any in Dayton.  And kind of some pre-anniversary celebration since we had Panda Express the day we got married. Nothing says love like orange chicken. 

Just me and my love enjoying a PERFECT weather day and the lovely spring blossoms! 

We got released from our nursery callings this last Sunday and we had lots of mixed emotions.  Nursery can be a kind of tough calling, mostly since you miss out on a lot of things going on in the ward, but we LOVED the cute kids we got to play with every week! We will miss them so much! It's also exciting because it means we're closer to moving into our new house and our new ward! Again mixed emotions, since there are so many wonderful people in our current ward, but we are excited for this new phase of life! Hopefully we'll be moving in the next week or so! 

On an unrelated note- I am always torn on where to put captions for pictures- above the corresponding pictures or below??? Decisions decisions.  Is there some sort of picture etiquette I don't know about? In the meantime I just do both....  

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Life Post-Spring Break

One of my favorite weekends of the year, General Conference, was the weekend at the end of my spring break.  Elizabeth and I listened to the Saturday sessions in the car on our phones driving back to Ohio, but it was kind of hard to hear and really pay attention to, especially while I was driving and trying to focus on the road.  So it just kind of threw off my whole "conference experience", but I can't wait to go back and study all the talks!! The talks I did hear however, I loved! Here are some of my favorite quotes from the talks:

This was my view for Sunday sessions of conference. Look at those cute puppy dog eyes. I think he missed me a little bit :) 

To celebrate (?) conference I made some brownies and happened to have some pop rocks that I thought I'd throw on top.  D- licious!! I really loved it! I like mixing unexpected flavors to spice up life a little bit. Literally in this case. hahahaha

National Sibling Day was in April, so I celebrated by posting a wedding picture on Instagram. Any excuse to look at wedding pictures right? ;) But I really do love all of my siblings and I'll take whatever excuse I can to say how much I love them! Like right now~ I love you siblings!! 

 I made Mother Peake soup for dinner one night for dinner (Thanks Clarissa Thomas!!) and it turned out really yummy despite my accidental usage of italian sausage instead of ground beef....oops! Another easy and yummy recipe for the books! 

Spring has definitely started to blossom, and I totally love it!! I love going on walks in the evening after work and soaking up some sunshine! The green grass and warm sun does wonders for my soul!

For date night one Friday night, we went out bowling with Kyle and Ashley and then chilled in their garage for a bit while Kyle fixed his motorcycle. It was a great night, even though I'm a really terrible bowler!

 I had Ashley give me a haircut at her new salon and she did a great job! I just had her trim it because I'm trying to grow it longer to make my hubby a happy Guy :) 

Later that day we went on a 12.5 mile bike ride.  It was a really nice day out, but we should have warmed up better to riding before we attacked such a long trail! It was a long ride, and luckily none of us were too terribly sore afterward! 

While driving home from bike riding, Tyler pulled over and had me take a picture of every cherry blossom tree we saw.  Silly boy....

(the best on that turned out...they were all pretty blurry or bad angles) 

I also whipped up a batch of Crandall's sugar cookies to bake on Sunday. 

They didn't turn out quite as good (I didn't have the Crandall magic touch :( ) but they were still good enough to eat! 

We also went and checked out Cox's Arboretum near downtown Dayton one lovely spring day.  It was a really beautiful (and free!) park! We are planning on going back more this spring and summer! 

(I totally love this Guy in a bow tie! So cute!) 

Tyler has been wanting sprouts SO bad for a couple of weeks, but hadn't been able to find them. We stopped at a Kroger one night and asked if they had any and the grocer told us that they hadn't sold them for about 2 years because they were carries of E. coli!!! What??? Who knew?? We were very sad.  But then (after inquiring on Facebook...) someone in the ward told us that Meijer still sold it and so naturally Tyler had to go and investigate. And they had it! Wahoo! Thanks Meijer for not being as paranoid as Kroger! ;) And Tyler got his sprout sandwich. The end. 

Spring decided to throw a curve ball and interrupt all our nice warm weather with an inch of snow.  Which didn't bother me too much because the one day of snow thing, I can totally handle because I know warm weather will be returning soon.  And I sure hope it doesn't take it's time! I need my vitamin D! Besides, hopefully the cold weather killed off a couple extra bugs that won't be bothering us this summer! Silver lining, right?