Monday, December 23, 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

I LOVE Christmas time! I know that's pretty common, but what's not to love?? It's especially fun because it's our first Christmas being married! So double the fun! Here are some of the things we've been doing leading up to our Christmas celebration!

Tyler and I were in charge of fluffing the tree.  Those things can be vicious. ;)

The Guys have a tradition of recording the tree decorating process.  Here was the set up for the event.  It was serious business. Dad G had his camera set up on the tripod and Tyler had his phone hanging up from the ceiling. Tyler made a pretty fun video from it...maybe I'll try and get him to add it later. 

Momma G got us this BEAUTIFUL ornament for our first Christmas. I love it!!! 

Shutterfly had a deal for 10 free Christmas cards, so I decided to pull something together really fast and just get 10.  They turned out so cute, I kind of wish we had ordered more!! I feel weird sending Christmas cards though since we don't have kids yet.  When is it normal to start sending out Christmas cards?? I don't feel old enough to be doing my own, but I guess once you get married that's normal?! 

Tyler's haul this year :) (Some are from me and some are from my presents. He's a lucky boy ;) ) 

Cute reindeer corn dog at CostCo. I didn't want a corndog, but how could I resist!! 

There is an accapela (how do you spell that??) group called Straight No Chasers that Tyler really likes.  He found out they were doing a concert in Cincinnati, so he was determined to have us go. He can be very convincing :) So the whole family went to Cincinnati and we watched the concert together.  It was super fun! They put on a great concert! Great idea Tyler! :) 

We got a lot of snow two weeks before Christmas and had a snow day and two school delay days! It was a great way to celebrate! Although there were some days we didn't have snow days that we should have! The roads were pretty bad! The problems of commuting I guess :/

The mall is pretty fun this time of year because of the music! They had a live band playing one day! SO fun! 

Tyler and I both got a bit of a cold for a couple days, but it wasn't too bad.  At least Clark enjoyed my drainage control method :) 

One of my students got me some festive Christmas nail polish! 

Making the Guy's traditional Christmas fudge! 

This was the gift I made for my co-workers.  A crocheted dish cloth, Joy dish soap, and a little poem that said 
"Merry Christmas and Joy from us to you,
With our love and good wishes!
From the Guys made by hand just to help with your dishes!" 

Trey, Tyler and I went shopping for some last minute presents.  It was a fun little outing! Trey is a pretty cool kid. :) 

Tyler loves finding houses that are decked out in Christmas lights.  Here was one he found in the neighborhood. 

I got spoiled by my students!!! Such generous families!! I feel so blessed! 

Daddy G's famous cookies! Super yummy! 

I love watching Christmas movies with my hubby! 

Of course the real reason for the season is the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ.  I have had a couple opportunities to go out with the missionaries this month, and it makes me feel so grateful for the amazing gift of the gospel in my life!! That is the best present of all!!! Here is my favorite Christmas video from this year: 

I just love Christmas!!!!

Thanksgiving in Florida 2013

The day before we left for Thanksgiving, I started feeling really sick. I took all I had in me to do laundry and pack everything, but I did it! Luckily I didn't get worse on the trip though! 

On our way! Tyler is not sure how he feels about this trip :) 

We drove to Anisa's parent's house the first night in Pensacola, FL.  It was a long, but pretty smooth day of driving.  We met up with Jen and Scott and the kids there.  It took them longer to get there than they thought because of ice storms across the country (even in Texas! Weird!) We went to some yummy restaurants, went shopping at Bealls, went to the beach a couple times, and went to church at the branch where Anisa's parents are in the Branch Presidency and had a pre-Thanksgiving dinner! It was a really fun couple of days!! It was fun to be with Mimi and Papa T! They were being so cute! Papa T bought Mimi and ring for their 52 wedding anniversary and Mimi was over the moon about it! So adorable! 

Our first trip to the beach in Pensacola!! It was windy and cold, but hey! It was still beautiful! 

There were groups of sting rays swimming around- who knew they migrate in the winter??

I really want some wheels for my kayak!! Oh! And I want a kayak!! 

Soaking up time with cute baby Sawyer! 

After a couple days in Pensacola, we drove to Fort Walton Beach, where Tyler was born :) and got some really yummy sea food! Then we continued on to Dade City, where Jim's parents live. 

Tyler's first house :) (as a baby) 

A yummy lunch at the Back Porch! 

The first stop in Dade City was a restaurant called Olga's. They have yummy sandwiches and donuts! 

We had a lot of fun with Mimaw and Papaw.  We got to go see a couple of movies, did some more shopping, and had a great Thanksgiving dinner with Tyler's extended family.  We also got to play with the Blackfords, which is always awesome!
Hanging out with Livy

Watching the Macy's Day Parade in our hotel room

Thanksgiving Day

On the way home, I bought some crocheting materials and crocheted some dish cloths for Christmas gifts! My Mom used to do that on road trips when we were growing up, so it kind of felt like she was there with me :) On the drive home, we stopped in Tennessee Saturday night and then drove the rest of the way home Sunday.  Overall it was a great trip!