Sunday, December 15, 2013

Halloween 2013

To be honest, Halloween isn't my favorite.  I love dressing up, but that's about all I like about it. I HATE being scared, I don't like eating a lot of candy, I don't like any Halloween movies, I just don't really enjoy it.  My Mom doesn't like it either, so I may have gotten it from her :) We lived on a street that didn't get many trick-o-treaters, and I only got to go trick-o-treating if I was invited to a friend's Halloween party, so I didn't have a TON of pleasant memories from that time of year.  In fact, one year my Mom had us all stay home and paint the living room instead of trick-o-treating.  We painted it yellow, and my Mom always said it was the scariest Halloween she ever had! :)  Anyway, I dressed up for school this year, and I was one of the only teachers who did. Oy. Hahaha, but the kids loved it so that's what counts right?

Can you tell what I am???

An apple tree of course! Tyler was going to dress up as a lumber jack, but he never got around to dressing up, so we just used our imagination. 

This apple tree likes to eat cereal and 50 cent corn dogs from Sonic :) 

My family did a pretty good dressing up too. Kristen dressed up as Princess Leah, Dad dressed up as clown, and Michael dressed up as a hipster Sheriff Woody.

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