Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Summer Shenanigans

You'd think with all my summer free time I'd be able to keep up with the blog better! I guess I'm just too busy having fun to worry about writing it down! Story of my journaling life...I'm going to just do a quick summary of what we've been up to this summer so far! 

Date night with the Kelly's 
We met a couple in our ward who are about our age and who don't have any kids either! Bingo! That's a rare find in a family ward! They asked if we wanted to go to Young's Dairy because they'd never gone yet.  Well those words are music to my husband's ears! He LOVES that place! So of course we agreed, and we had a lovely evening playing mini-golf and eating ice cream. We really enjoyed getting to know the Kelly's and look forward to doing more things with them! 

(this goat was being super weird and walking around on his legs like that-what??) 

The Strawberry Festival 
The city where I taught this past year is famous for it's Strawberry Festival.  Of course I wanted to go check it out since it was the talk of the town! They had just about every strawberry food imaginable along with music and street vendors.  It was pretty similar to all the other festivals I've been to in Ohio thus far, but Ohio will use any excuse to have a festival! 

They dyed the water in the fountain red! 

I tried the strawberry donut- it was yummy! 
 We bought this cute American flag made out of wood as a token of our time in Troy :) 

 Anisa translated for one of the musical groups (which is the reason for one of our future activities...keep reading!) 

 Strawberry Picking at Fulton Farms
There is a farm kind of nearby that lets you pick strawberries by the bucket! Anisa and I went last year and decided to go again this year! The strawberries were kind of small this year, but still delicious! 

This year on the left, last year on the right

We decided to put our strawberries to good use and have strawberry crepes for dinner! 

My sweet hubby loves him some gardens! He has been so excited for summer all winter so he could plant his own tomatoes! He finally got his wish and they are doing well! It's really too bad I don't like tomatoes more so I could be as excited as he is about this whole project, but he doesn't seem to mind.  He's just happy to have his little plant! :) 
We also found a little garden snake protecting our garden from sneaky little pests! 

Work Party at Young's Dairy
Jim's work throws a work party every year and this year it was at Young's Dairy.  So we got to go to Young's twice in a week! It was awesome! We got wrist bands so we could do any of the activities as many times as we wanted! It was awesome! We did the driving range, mini- golf, and the batting cages. 

Anisa was the most excited about the batting cages! She did awesome and went quite a few times! 

I had to get over my fear of balls being hurled at me in a closed space to do the batting cages.  But I faced my fears, and didn't do too terribly if I do say so myself! (Of course I was in the cage where they went 30 mph instead of 80, but I couldn't even see the balls fast enough to hit them going that fast so I stuck with the rookie level!) 

Afterwards, Tyler took me to downtown Yellow Springs and we looked around at some of the shops.  It's a small little hippie town so they had some cool stuff, and some really weird stuff. This shirt was one of the cooler things we saw. 

 Minute to Win It Relief Society Activity
I'm trying to push myself out of my comfort zone moving into this new ward so we can branch out and get to know more people. Since I got called into Young Women's, I don't get a chance to meet a lot of the older ladies in our ward and I figured activities were my best shot to get to know people! I didn't know anyone going to this activity, but I went anyways and had a lot of fun! 

Game Night
One Friday night we went over to Kyle and Ashley's for our date night.  Ashley and I went to her softball game while the boys worked on the floor in their new house, and then we came back and all played games together.  We got a new game called Blokus, which we discovered a couple months ago when we went over to the Pierce's for dinner.  We really like it! Except when I beat Tyler, he doesn't super love it. (that doesn't happen very often...but it did in this case so I took a picture :) ) 

Picnic at the Angry Hippie Farm 
Someone threw a picnic for people that volunteered at the Strawberry Festival (Anisa) so we all went back up to Troy and had a fun, but random, picnic.  The farm had a bunch of chickens and two turkeys and this turkey was being so funny! I have a video of Tyler talking to him but I don't have very good luck uploading videos :( So just use your imaginations! They also had corn hole, so we played a few rounds after we ate.  

 Trey's 17th birthday 
Trey turned 17, which is crazy to me because I feel like he just turned 16. I feel like he looks so much older than a year ago! He's definitely grown up in the last year! 

Father's Day
We celebrated Father's Day by going to church, eating a yummy lunch, taking a nap, and playing games.  I bought Tyler some new clothes because he's awesome and I love him! 

Isn't he handome? 

Temple Date with the Sanders
You'd think living an hour away from your sister would mean I would see them a ton, but our schedule has just been so crazy and our car has been strugglin', so it had been way too long since we'd been to see them. We all went to the temple together and then had an early birthday dinner together back at their house.  It was such a lovely evening and just the perfect combination of wonderful things, which made for just the perfect day! We love the Sanders! And the temple!! And delicious food!  Sadly Clark was SUPER tired so we didn't get to see much of his cute face :( 

The dentist is not my friend these days.  I hadn't gone for like 2 years, so I figured I should probably go while I have time. I have a history of getting cavities, so I was kind of nervous to see the damage! The first appointment for the cleaning showed only one cavity! Yay me!! However, she scraped the heck out of my teeth and poked my gums to death! So my mouth was hurtin'! Then I had to go back to get my one filling, and those numbing shots hurt! And then my mouth was numb for like 4 hours, which to me is the WORST feeling! I hate it! Glad that's over with for another 2 years...

phew.  Well there you have it! Busy busy fun fun summer time!! I LOVE it! And it's not even over yet! Hooray!! Bring on more fun! 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Last day of school! Last day of school!

Another last day of school has come! Since I was only part time this year, it wasn't quite as intense as teaching last year, but I am still ready for summer vacation! (As you can see :) ) 

The last day of school is always just a day of fun! We started off the day with an awards assembly with lots of awards and lots of clapping.  Ok, that wasn't so much fun but it wasn't work either!  Then they do a thing called Sneak Peak where students get to meet their teacher for next year. So I walked around to see where our ESL kids are going to be next year (if I'm still there...).  Then we had a break for everyone to have lunch.  I had some visitors (just like every other day) during my lunch....

Apparently he doesn't like to smile in pictures...
These third graders would come in pretty much every day after their lunch to come talk to me.  They're my little fan club :) 

I'm going to miss these curious, nosey, fun little third graders! :) 

After lunch we had the annual staff vs. fifth graders kick ball game! The fifth graders this year are really athletic, so we were nervous! But not to worry, we beat them soundly :) It was like 13-5 or something.  I got two homeruns! Wahoo! I don't think I'd played kickball since I was in elementary had been a while! After the kickball game we came in and took pictures with the ESL teachers (which is why I have a sweaty glow. hahaha) One of the translators is not in the picture because she is in France making pottery! A woman of many talents! I have really enjoyed working with these women and I have learned a lot from them!  We had one of the third graders take our pictures so he took a bunch and none of them turned out super great but they all make me laugh! Maria had something on her shirt, so we were trying to help her cover it up! 

Then they have a tradition of lining up in the hallways and clapping as the fifth graders leave the building for the last time.  It was kind of a fun procession! Then we waved off the busses and the rest of the students! Until next year! 

Apparently they also have a tradition of throwing water balloons at new and unsuspecting teachers.  I unfortunately was a victim. Hahaha.

A sweet note from our kids 

And the last day of school just wouldn't be complete if I wasn't moving something! Last year I had to move out of my house and classroom to move to Ohio! This year we moved our stuff out of our storage unit and into our future garage! It was a busy and fun day! Stay tuned for our summer adventures! 

Quick moment of reflection- teaching ESL has been a learning experience for me, since I have never taught it before.  I was a little nervous starting out, but Danae was a great mentor and taught me so much about respecting others cultures and respecting students in their learning processes. I have definitely learned a lot about teaching ELL students and gained an appreciation for teachers who are specialists who have to work around everyone else's schedules! It can be challenging at times, but I have loved learning more about the Japanese, Chinese, Marshallese, Mexican, and Indian cultures! We had some wonderful students and I am sure they will do amazing things! I don't know what next year holds, but I am so glad I had these experiences this year!