Sunday, December 15, 2013

Summa time

Let me tell you about our summer!...No. Too long.  I summarize. With lots of pictures. 

 Tyler took me to go see the Air Force Museum near their house. It's huge and it's FREE! 

 We also went to a place called Young's Dairy that has a petting zoo, mini golf, ice cream, and more!

 Anisa and I went to Fulton Farms to pick strawberries! A perfect summer treat!

 We spent A LOT of the summer bike riding! I LOVED it! 

 We got to spend a Saturday morning at the cannery in Columbus! It was surprisingly fun! 

 During one of our many bike rides, Tyler and I had a little "incident" trying to kiss while biking. Oops! 
 We got to go see the Mormon Tabernacle Choir perform in Columbus. They did a great job!

 More biking....Downtown Dayton

 We celebrated Trey's 16th birthday
 We celebrated Father's Day
 We celebrated Tyler getting into Wright State (again) !!!

 We went with Trey and his girlfriend to an amusement park called King's Island
 We planned our Ohio wedding reception
We went on lots of dates!

 We celebrated my 24th birthday!
 We celebrated a chilly fourth of July! 
 I enjoyed a LOT of these delicious little guys!
 We went on a lot of walks with Gizmo

 Tyler got "Naked" at the airport flying to Utah! (but that trip is another post....)
 We got our painting skills on

We played a lot with this cute pup! 

These cool people came to town for a couple days
We took lots of pictures of corn and in corn :) 

I went to Girls Camp with my mother in law in Kirtland, OH 

We hung out with our couple friends
We did some babysitting
We went back to school shopping

We went to a German Festival and went to the Wright Brother's grave
I did some reading (this was a really cute book!) 
We went boating and knee boarding. Super fun!! 

We went to St. Louis for Andrew's graduation and Kristen's birthday soirée. We also got to see Greg and Lisa's new house!  
We got lots of ice cream!

More mini golfing with the whole family

And then real life began again and I had to go to work and Tyler had to go to school, but it sure was a fun summer!

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