Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Anxiously Engaged

I wrote this the night we got engaged and posted it on Facebook. The story of how Tyler proposed: 

Here's the story for inquiring minds  
we went to dinner and he was acting super nervous and fidgety so I knew the proposal was coming, I just didn't know when or how. So we ate our dinner pretty quickly and left the restaurant. Then he drove me to a cute gazebo in a little park and we got out of his car and started dancing to Celine Dion's song My heart will go on (kind of an inside joke). After the song was over, he said Kate I have a question for you. I was like yessss?? He said. "Do you.... Want to play operation??" I was a little confused. So he pulled the game out of his backpack and gave me the first card that read pull the ring out of the heart. So I looked inside the game and there was a ring sticking out that I pulled out. ( a little back story- we had bought a ring at Jared's but they said it wouldn't be in for at least 4-6 weeks, so I knew he wasn't proposing with the "real" ring) the ring I pulled out from the game was a turquoise ring, that while pretty, was not what I was expecting. But then he got down on one Knee and asked me to marry him, and I Said YES! So then he asked if we could go take pictures at a photo booth at a theater nearby, and I agreed whole heartedly! I love those things!! So we took the first two pictures and on the third one he pulled out the REAL RING!!!! I was so shocked, but so excited!!!! So of course I gave him a big kiss and we ran back into the car and went to a dance that his Dad was DJing, and they announce it to everyone and dedicated Ben Folds' song The Luckiest to us and we danced together. It was so magical and wonderful!!! Tyler is amazing and I can't wait to marry him for time and all eternity!!!

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