Sunday, February 15, 2015

That one month when it was cold and snowy the whole time. January 2015

January has come and gone and I haven't blogged about it.  It was pretty much just a cold and snowy month. I think I had like 6 snow days at school! Crazy, and awesome! 
One of the days I did have to work, the heater was broken. So sad! I had to wear my coat the whole time I was there! 
Then we got some snow (with ice underneath) which means no school! 

Ty shoveling the driveway.

We went to the temple on one of my snow days and stopped by to see this cute face (and his Mommy :) ) 

Their funny snowman

Tyler's laptop has been slowly dying, so he decided to make his own desktop computer to work on all his stuff for school.  His Dad helped him out putting it all together. Cute bonding time :)

And his (mostly) finished product! He did a great job!

I tried sleeping with my PJs on inside out to see if I could get away with a few more snow days, and it worked! 

Unfortunately, our house has some funky shaped doors and frames, so they let in a lot of cold air. On one of my snow days I made curtains for the back windows and some door stopper things to keep in heat.

Ice needs to stay outside thank you very much.

I think they turned out pretty good, if I say so myself! 

Since we've been cooped up inside, we've busted out the N64 a couple of times.  It gets pretty heated sometimes, so it helps with our heating bill. Ba dum ch! 

One of my new favorite dinner recipes; Black Bean Salsa Chicken. 
Guess what it has? Chicken, black beans, and salsa! (And cheese) SUPER easy and very yummy!
We ran into Trey at the mall the other day and helped guide him in some Bath and Body purchases. The man's gotta smell good. ;) 

We hit up another free tshirt basketball game at Wright State with our fellow Wright State Friends.

The Kiehls, the Kellys, and the Guys.
We love having such awesome friends! We always have a good time when we get together!

Kyle and Ashley came a little later.  Kyle took the picture and cut himself out on purpose, but he was there. 
We all went to Graeters afterward. Great decision. 

Greg had a birthday (37?) Dad took this picture of him and Kristen edited it. I think it captures his personality really well. Good job team. And happy birthday Greg!

We skyped with Jen and Scott the night before she went in to have baby #5! She's such a champ and looked beautiful even being 40 weeks pregnant!

I love getting new nieces and nephews!! 
She was a little miracle baby! Glad she made it here ok! 

This picture cracks me up!! Her big brother has no idea what to do with this baby thing. Haha

There was the most beautiful sunset the day she was born! Her first birthday present ;)

I just want to eat her up!!

Skyping one week later! My how things can change in a week! 

For MLK day we helped with some changes going on at the family history center. We got to spend the day with Tyler's parents which was fun! 

When the roads aren't covered in snow, they look like this; covered in salt getting ready for the snow. 
Oy January. 

My sweet hubby bought me some beautiful flowers one day just to be awesome. They were so bright and cheery! They made my day!

Another yummy (slightly less easy) dinner I made. 

One of my goals for this year was to get better at meal planning and meal preparations. I finally have found a system that works for me and it makes dinner time so much happier for everyone around! I'm a huge fan! 

This devotional was amazing! You should watch it if you haven't already!

One morning I tried opening the garage and I could hear the machine working, but the door was not moving.  I went in through the door and saw these two pieces hanging and a bolt on the ground. I screwed the bolt on then tried opening it again and it worked! Yay! haha I was so relieved that was the only problem! 

I'm trying to grow my hair out and it's getting pretty long I gotta say! I think I'm getting close to a record for hair length in my adult life. 

Tyler picked us up some of my favorite Young's Dairy ice cream on his way home from a scouting activity one Saturday. Made this wife very happy!

It snowed yet again, but this time I helped out and shoveled the driveway to give Tyler's arms and back a rest. (Plus I had a snow day and he did not. Booo college) 

Who doesn't love a good taco?

Our friends the Frandsens invited us over for FHE one night and we played this fun game called 100 Dice. We loved it! And we love the Frandsens! 

Cool icicle by our car

Anisa dropped off these from a leftover family history party, and man alive were they good!! I downed the whole plate in like 2 days. Lemon and raspberry are a weakness. 

I really struggle getting my hair to curl, but I managed to get a sort of wavy thing going on by sleeping in braids. Woo!

Skyping with Clark to try and provide potty training motivation. He loves his Frozen sticker chart.

Just look at that face! I just wanna kiss it!

My poor night stand couldn't take it any more and collapsed on me :( It doesn't like my giant stack of books. Guess I should invest in a sturdier night stand...but I just taped it again for now to see how much longer I can get away with using a box :) 

Usually I leave hours before Tyler does (he has a late schedule this semester) But one day we had a delay for school so we left at the same time! So fun !

It's finally starting to get lighter earlier! YAY sunlight!

We went over to Tyler's parents one Friday night and the power was out.  It was a good practice run at emergency preparedness! It was only out for about an hour, so not too bad. 

More icicles.  I told you it was cold all month. 

The weather station predicted we were going to get this HUGE storm with like 10 inches of snow! So of course everyone panicked and loaded up on milk like there was no tomorrow, and of course it only snowed like 1/8 of an inch. Wimpy storm award. 

My parents and the Deardeuff clan went to Disney World and took my grandma with them! I would have liked to escape our winter wonderland for some warmth, but alas, duty calls. 

But that didn't stop Tyler and I from visiting the closest thing we had to Disney world and taking pictures! It's a small world after all!

So there was January! One cold month closer to warmer weather!! Yay!