Sunday, December 15, 2013

Hi-ho Bear Lakey-o!

Tyler and I were lucky enough to take a trip to Utah this summer to go to our annual Erekson family reunion in Bear Lake, UT/ ID, as well as our less annual Wadley Family reunion.  I really wanted Tyler to meet my extended family and have them meet him, as well as getting some bonding time in with my immediate family.  It was so much fun! We have been going to Bear Lake since before I was born, so I have a lot of fond memories spending time there. We love to eat raspberry shakes, jump of a boat in the middle of the lake, go hiking, play games, do puzzles, watch movies, go kayaking, play in the lake and eat yummy food! We also got to see Jenn and her family for a couple days and Trevor got to come up with Michael for a couple days, so it was just a party! 

 This little girl fell from the top balcony at the Denver airport! So scary!
 Then when we got to Salt Lake, this truck totally scraped the bottom of this bridge! It was an eventful day of flying! 
 Baby Sawyer was totally worth it!

 My cute silly hubby
 The terrific trio! 
 Isn't my Mom beautiful!?

 PopE celebrating his big 6-0!

 My Mom's parents. Angelyn and Bryce Wadley

 Greg showing the girls a dead mouse. Yuck. 

 Reliving our childhood.
 Tyler survived Nini's kiss attack :) 
 Hiking at Tony Grove

 We got a mighty big appetite after all the hiking! It called for the Old Ephriam Pizza!
 Andrew joined us for the party!

 Most of my grandparent's great grandkids! 

 An Erekson I'm Glad to be! My whole family right there! Pure happiness!! 

 The Erekson Clan
 Sadly, we had to go home :( 

One last visit with the Blackfords, and then back to Ohio we flew! Till next year Bear Lake! (or whenever we can afford to go back!) 

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