Saturday, September 6, 2014

School Days School Days....

I got a job at the beginning of the summer to work as an ESL teacher (English as a Second Language) for the Beavercreek School District.  I thought about it all summer, but with traveling, moving, and church stuff, I couldn't do much about it.  So once August came along, I got into my rooms to get the party started! I am split between two elementary schools, so I have two spaces I work in.  Below is the first, and smaller, room.  

This is the second room (before decorations).   The YMCA has an after school club in my room, so I can't get too settled because they move things around and the kids are in there moving around after school. 

Here's what they look like post decorating: 

We are already two weeks into school now, and I have to say this job is definitely a growing experience for me! I have had experience working with ESL students before, but never running a program in two schools by myself! It's taught me a to rely on the Lord more, that's for sure!! I'm hoping that if I just do my best, love my students, and have faith, the Lord will fill in the gaps! What a great gift it is to have that knowledge from a loving Savior! I have a feeling the Lord has a lot of stretching and growing in store for me this year!! I'll try to post updates of how things are going as the year continues! Wish me luck! 

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