Saturday, September 6, 2014

Labor Day Weekend

When I was growing up, it seemed like Labor Day was usually the last hurrah! before school started.  Now, it's the first holiday we celebrate after school has already started.  It was nice to have a vacation after just four days of school! My parents came into town to go visit some friends in Kirtland and celebrate Kristen's birthday. We were hoping to go with them, but after a week of school and work we decided we should probably stay home and get some rest and get a few things done.  We missed some fun times in Kirtland with Kristen and friends :( we did get to see my parents here and there on their trip though! They stopped for a few minutes in Dayton on their way to Columbus and Kirtland. 

We love our house and it was fun to show my parents where we live! 

We got a belated wedding gift of Chili's gift cards, and decided to redeem them to celebrate the holiday! Their honey chipotle chicken fingers are SO good! Especially with sweet potato fries! I'm drooling just thinking about it. Probably not an ounce of nutrition, but man my taste buds are oh so happy!! Only get this in a blue moon, so I make sure to enjoy it! 

My parents brought me a wreath we used at our wedding reception to use at our house, and I LOVE it! I think it looks so cheery! 

We went canoeing with Tyler's parents on Saturday, and the weather turned out to be great! The river was a little low, but we only got stuck about once each! We're pretty much pros ;)  Tyler brought his water proof phone case so we could snap some pictures along the way, worry free! 

Tyler also celebrated the weekend by finally cashing in on his birthday present! He'd been wanting a grill since his birthday (in February) and it finally went on sale for Labor Day weekend, so we pounced. Now I have one happy husband!! (and he has a happy wife because he has been cooking more so he can use his grill! Win-win!) 

Then we went up to Columbus to spend the day with my parents and the Sanders! We checked out "Riverview Chiropractic" offices! They were very beautiful and professional! If you're looking for a chiropractor in Columbus, check them out!! (shameless plug! :) ) Andrew does an AWESOME job doing adjustments! Speaking from experience me people. You want to be his friend. And his patient. :) 

We decided to go bowling, and it was a blast! I am a horrible bowler.  Like, I'm pretty sure Clark got a better score than I did.  My Dad and Elizabeth kept trying to coach me, but I think I'm a lost cause. I think I'll keep my day job. But if my bowling career ever picks up, at least I know how to pose with the ball! Hahaha 

Here are some other posers ;) 

Not sure what's happening here, but it cracks me up! 

Clark is a bowling pro! 

We also went to dinner at Carsonies. It's usually a really delicious italian restaurant, but it was a really busy night and it wasn't as amazing as it usually is.  Still good, but not amazing.  Amazing company though! And we had fun reading the trivia questions they had at the table. 

And of course, we had to take advantage of the many delicious ice cream options available in Columbus! We all went to Graeters, and we were not disappointed!
Check out that face of pure delight! 

Clark was loving trying everyone's ice cream selections with his own spoon. 

Clark's face is so cute in this shot!! He's such a happy boy!


It was such a fun weekend, it was hard to leave and go back to work.  I think I prefer celebrating Labor instead of doing it ;) Come back and visit again soon GramE and PopE!! 

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