Saturday, September 6, 2014

Mini Golf Mania!

In the Guy family, summer means mini golf! As school approached, we realized we had not done nearly enough mini golfing this summer, so we sought out to remedy the situation! There was a golf course in Kettering we'd been wanting to try since we moved here, so we finally decided to try it out! The decorations were adorable and I couldn't stop taking pictures of them! I think the course was intended for a younger audience, but we still had fun! 

Can you spy the frog prince waiting outside his castle?? 

There he is! :) 

This course was so cool because you could hit the ball to come down that river thing back onto the course! 

We had some down time to take some silly selfies

That tree would talk! So funny!

Then a few days later, the family decided to go to Young's Dairy while Trevor was in town to go mini golfing! SCORE! We love spending time with Tyler's family, so it was a win win! I think Trevor, Jim, and I tied for first.  I got a couple hole in one's! (Which were off set by multiple runs with 6 :/ I guess it all evened out ;) ) 

I told them to strike a pose, and this is what I got.  Silly boys....

It was fun to have Trevor around for a couple weeks! 

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