Saturday, September 6, 2014

Summer randoms

Just some random photos from the rest of the summer:

We bought this desk from Goodwill and decided to try and repaint it like the other wooden end table we bought.  The desk didn't work as well as the table did, and took forever to finish! The color didn't come out quite like we wanted, but oh well.  I really wanted a place for Tyler to sit and work on homework or for me to do lesson planning, so hopefully it will make me dreams come true ;) 

Beckham loves to Facetime with me, now that we've bonded! He's still working on holding it where I can see his face, but he's still super cute! I love that boy! 

I finally broke down and put all our wedding cards in a book instead of sitting in a pile in a drawer. I don't know that anyone will ever look at them, but they were so beautiful I couldn't bare to throw them away! 

There was a little humming bird outside my kitchen window! I barely caught a picture of it. 

My FitBit broke and sadly the company recalled my version of it, so I just had to send it in for a refund.  I was super sad because I really enjoyed using it! Maybe one day I'll buy another one...

I love hanging with my hubby.  Especially when we're both in a silly mood.  Magical things happen. Like this hairdo. Hahaha

For one Young Women's activity, we made these beads out of paper and then turned them into bracelets! It was a really fun activity! 

My littlest brother got ENGAGED!! So crazy!!! We are really excited for him though, and can't wait for Laura to be a part of the family! 

Apparently siblings minds think alike! :) 

We had a RS activity where the Laurels were invited.  This chick cracks me up! She makes being a YW leader more entertaining :) 

Look at that sass! Love her! 

Tyler and I wearing our universities' shirts! Go BYU!!! (And Wright State :)) 

Tyler trying to fix the antenna on our roof. 

The down side about having husband who knows about technology, is that he knows about technology. Hahaha. He loves learning about new things and trying to fix and tweak them to make them better.  I guess it's not such a bad thing :)

We also got a new car! With both Tyler and I starting school and having completely different schedules, we knew we had to break down and buy a second car.  We looked around at different places and finally found this beauty! 

It's a 2008 Honda Accord.  We love ourselves a Honda.  And we are no longer "of one accord", since we have two accords now.  It's been a really good car for us and we really like it! The car payment isn't as fun, but we feel so blessed to have a job so we can pay for it! 

Another Young Women's activity.  Love these girls! 

Here we see the wild life in its natural habitat ;) 

More wild life ;) 
Tyler loves his tradition, and back to school shopping is one of them! We went to Old Navy and got him some new shirts to help him cope with starting school again. I am so proud of him for getting his education and working hard! 

More Young Women Acitivites! These girls are so cute and fun! Love them! 

This front yard grows weeds like nobody's business.  And the weeds are evil, I swear! They have thorns, so I it takes blood sweat and tears to weed this lot! But it looks so nice when it's done! Have I mentioned I love our house? I do!! It's so nice to have a space that we get to work together on! We feel so blessed to get to live here! 
One night we were out by Dorothy Lane Market and decided to try out their bakery. We were not disappointed! Check out this German Chocolate Brownie! SO yummy! 

After the brownie, we went for a walk by the gazebo where Tyler proposed. It was a lovely night! 

This is what a lot of my nights look like: 

Working out and watching Netflixs. It's a good life :)  I just watched a BBC show called the Paradise. It was a fun watch if you're looking for a new show! 

That's what our summer looked like, let's see what fall has in store!! 

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