Thursday, August 7, 2014

Virginia Visit

On July 23, this cute little guy was born! Emily and Mike were happy to welcome baby #4! My Mom was going to go help out with the other kids but was feeling tired and overwhelmed from lots of weeks of craziness in her life! SO at the last minute I decided to fly out and help for a week! 
My flight left bright and early! Thanks to Elizabeth for being a super star and taking me to the airport that early! 

I only got there an hour early figuring that would be enough time at 5am, but I was wrong. The line was huge! What on earth?? Luckily I packed light and decided to forgo checking my bag and made it through in time! 

I had a layover in Chicago, and it was beautiful flying in! 

Once I landed, I hung out in the airport for a bit till Kristen could leave work and pick me up. We went back to her office and made her take an embarrassing picture in front of her door, and I got to meet all her nice coworkers.

Cafe Rio was down the street from Kristen's apartment, so NATURALLY I had to stop and get it for dinner! I had been craving it for weeks!! SO glad I got it! Yum to the E! 

After dinner, we drove over to Winchester! Elizabeth made brownies for Mom and Emily for them to enjoy, and Mom was very pleased :) 

Emily gave me a great tour of their beautiful house! 

And of course I got some snuggles with this cute new little one! 

Tia spent the night, but then had to go back to work in the morning. Alas, duty called. 

Our mornings always started niiiiicce and early! No need to set an alarm clock here....

While we were there, Frenchie (from the Fancy Nancy books) had a birthday! So we celebrated! muffins for breakfast and cake for dinner! 

We did a lot of FaceTiming with Clark while we were there

We went on a couple of walks, but not many because Beckham is a wild man and likes to run hap-hazardously...everywhere. Luckily there was two of us, so I would run after Beckham and GramE would stay with the girls. But it still made us nervous! 

Good thing he's so cute! 

This kid is also very cute and makes about a million and a half faces! He is so hilarious to watch because his expressions change so much! 

The kids loved water coloring! 

Doing some crafts

Fancy Nancy also got a new bike! Lots of entertainment with that toy!

We also did some side walk chalk....we had lots of hours to fill. Hahaha

Tyler and I are gonna need this onsie one day! :) Aaaand look at that face! 

More walks...

Saying Beckham's favorite color- "Blue"! He wanted EVERYTHING to be blue! A couple melt downs resulted from not getting something in blue...but we pulled through! 

The new Mama with the new baby! 

I've heard all about Sweet Frogs, so I wanted to hit it up while we were there and it was definitely yummy! 

Sadly, I had leave Sunday so I could go back to Fairfax with Kristen so she could teach her RS lesson and take me to the airport before she went to work in the morning. Luckily I got some last snuggles in before I left! 
The Shenandoah Valley was so lovely driving back! 

Kristen and I went for a walk after church, which was also lovely! 

Kristen dropping me off at the airport.  I don't want to say how early, my Dad may disown me, but needless to say I definitely made my flight ;) 

Aaand there was a bird in the airport....hahaha

I finally made it back to beautiful Ohio! All these trips this summer without Tyler have been rough, but it makes me appreciate being with him even more! I sure love that Guy!!! And I love being home! Thanks for the fun visit Deardeuffs! Hopefully I'll be back soon and Tyler will get to come along too! 

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