Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas in the Ohio!

This year for Christmas, we decided to spend it with the Guys in Ohio for a couple of reasons.  Next year is the "on" year for my family so we definitely wanted to be there for that, Trevor was coming home for what might be his last Christmas before his mission, and Tyler hadn't been home for Christmas for a couple of years. We had a lot of fun with the Guys and it was fun to see what Christmas traditions their family has!

Tyler and I made a Ginger bread house on Christmas Adam (the day before Christmas Eve:) ) while watching Elf. 

My side of the roof says "I love Tyler" 

Tyler is clearly more artistic than I am :) 

Christmas Eve

Tyler has been dying to go to BDs for months! We were out running errands, so we decided it would be a fun Christmas eve treat. That lucky boy! 

Christmas Eve Jammies 

I don't really like this picture because I think it's awkward, but it's the best we've got.  Oh well.

Christmas Day

Tyler's favorite present and new best friend.  We it so he can get his textbooks online for cheaper, plus we got it for a good deal on Black Friday. Win win!

One of my favorite presents from my hubby- a beautiful owl necklace.

A fun game of Ticket to Ride

The beautiful setting for our Christmas dinner

Such a yummy feast; ham, peas, dressin', deviled eggs, sweet potato casserole, rolls, cranberry casserole, and potato casserole. 

My parents generously got me this awesome paper cutter!! Unfortunately the software was not compatible with my mac :( so we spend a couple hours trying to get it figured out. 

In my family we switch names every year and just buy for one sibling so it doesn't break the bank. This year Kristen had Tyler and I and she got us the cutest gift!!! She gave us a 'date night' complete with a gift card for dinner, ice cream bowls for dessert, and a game to play! SOO cute, generous, and fun!!! 
Thanks again Tia! 

Overall it was a great Christmas! 

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