Saturday, January 18, 2014

Life of a Baller

I feel like basketball has kind of been taking over these days! I love it, so I don't mind! But it's been a while since I've been in the basketball scene!

For date night this week, we went to a Wright State basketball game.  Tyler has been wanting to go to a game for a couple of weeks because he gets free tickets as a student, but this game had free t-shirts! So we totally went!! Free t-shirts? We are SO there! Our friends Kyle and Ashley came with us too, since Kyle is also a WSU student. 
Wright State put up a good fight, but they ended up losing.  Nice try boys. 

I haven't been to any other college games other than BYU's, and it was kind of different.  I love the energy and enthusiasm of BYU students at games!!! The students at the games had a lot of fun props and were dressed up, but not as many cheers and chants. They also served beer, which took some getting used to also.  I still had fun though. :) 

I spy Tyler....

I love this cute husband of mine <3

Just being at college ball games (with free t-shirts) is fun even if they do lose!

After the Wright State game, we went and got ice cream at Graeter's then played some 2 on 2 of our own at the church building.  We decided Kyle and Tyler could totally be on the WSU team.  They've got some sweet moves.  But my team lost both times (I think) with Tyler on my team and Ashley on my team. 

Saturday afternoon our YW had a basketball game (I'm the assistant coach). More ball!! We have a really young team, so we're still working on a lot of skills. Like all of the skills. Needless to say, we lost.  Worse than Wright State.  But we scored one point in the last ten seconds of the game! And that's way cooler, right?? And if fouls were points, we TOTALLY won! :)

 It's hard for me to just watch and scream from the side lines because I want to get in there and play!!! I guess I already had my turn....

We were the "rainbow" team....playing the "swag" team.  Not sure why we weren't just our ward names, but ok. 

I guess it's a good thing I can handle losing, since I've had a lot of it this weekend. But as all losers know, losing can be awesome. And this weekend, it was. 

<3 <3

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