Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Kristen visits Ohio!

The last 5 years I lived in Utah, which was pretty far from most of my family so I didn't get to see them very often.  Well, now that I'm in the same time zone as all of my sisters and within a days drive to my parents and oldest brother, I have seen A LOT more of my family members and I LOVE it!! It has kept us really busy though! I feel like we are out of town every other weekend! We are getting pretty pro at packing for the weekend :)

So Tia (aka Kristen) was going to come see Elizabeth and I in December, but it didn't end up working out.  Instead she came the second weekend in January to party it up with us Ohio sisters. I hadn't seen Kristen since my wedding in May and we weren't sure when we would see each other next so we all thought a visit was a necessity :)  She flew into Columbus where Tyler and I picked her up after I finished with work. Elizabeth had to work till 7, so we played at her house for a while then took a walk to the store to buy some pizza for dinner and say hi to Elizabeth at the hotel where she works.
Tia makes a great horsey! 

I love my little Clarky! 

All bundled up and ready to roll!

Looking so professional and lovely!

The cool hotel lobby

He had his arms stuck out like this- it reminds me of a Christmas Story. "I can't put my arms down!"
He found that apple in the lobby and wouldn't let it go.  He thought it was so fun to carry around and say apple! Hahaha That kid is so stinkin cute!! He is so smart too! Right now he loves to identify letters and he knows y, s, o, m, r, and probably more! And he's not even 2! Such a smarty pants! 

Yummy pizza dinner

Saturday morning we decided to go play some church basketball.  We all loved played basketball growing up, but it'd been a while since any of us had played! Luckily, we weren't too horrible and our team ended up winning like 30-14 or something.  That may have been because we had a former BYU basketball player on our team, but who knows? ;) It was so fun to play again!! Sadly Elizabeth came out of it with a jammed finger :( (a true church ball experience!)  I just realized I don't think I've ever played on the same team as my sisters since I'm so much younger than them! I think we could have had a future as a family basketball team ;) 

Saturday afternoon we went around town running errands, seeing Elizabeth and Andrew's new chiropractic office, and eating yummy food! We got ice cream at Jenni's (the most unique and yummy ice cream I've ever had!!!) and then had dinner at this random authentic Mexican restaurant that turned out to be really good! 

We played this awesome game called Morphology.  It's like pictionary except you use objects to describe words instead of drawing them.  It was really entertaining! 

Kristen really wanted to come check out our neck of the woods in Dayton, so after church on Sunday they came on over.  We showed them around town a little bit then had a SUPER YUMMY dinner Anisa made. ( It was a bacon covered meatloaf. Super delish!) Then we played Morphology again! It was a great night! 

We sure love Kristen and we are so happy she came to see us! Feel free to come again soon Tia!! 

<3 <3 

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