Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Snowy Days Galore!

This year we were supposed to go back to school January 2 after Christmas Break.  I was not very happy about that because a. that is not a very long break and 2.I needed a couple days to recover from vacation.  Well, luckily Ohio agreed that January 2 was way to early to start school and sent a lovely polar vortex our way! Hahaha. We got a lot of snow and FREEZING cold temperatures! We didn't end up starting school until January 9! That's 5 snow days in a row!! It was awesome! Tyler was still on vacation from Wright State, so we got to spend a lot of time together! I found out though that he gets a little stir crazy being at home all day for too long.  Even when it was like -26 degrees, he was determined to run errands so he could get out of the house! (And not because he was sick of me....I don't think ;) ) Funny boy :) By the time we went back to school, I had recovered sufficiently and was ready to start school again!

My poor hubby had ice in his eyebrows when he was out shoveling the driveway! Brrr!! 

On one of the nights, we went out on a double date with our friends Ashley and Kyle. We went to Outback Steakhouse (thank you gift cards!!) and then went and saw Ender's Game. Dinner was really yummy, but we went to a Dollar Saver movie theater and we're pretty sure they turned the heat off and the AC on because that theater was FREEZING!! We had our coats on the whole time and my glasses fogged up every time I would breathe! :/ It was a really good movie though, and we had a lot of fun so it was worth it I suppose. :) 

One of my New Year's Goals is to read AT LEAST one book every month.  I was so excited to graduate from college so I could read for fun more often but I've found that I have a hard time finishing books these days! So I'm going to try and be better about it! (If you have any good recommendations send them my way!) Some friends and I decided we wanted to try and have a book club to keep ourselves motivated and the first book we picked was The Help.  I already finished it and it was a really great book! The author switches the perspective of the narrator throughout the book which helps it move along pretty quickly. So that was a good start to my new year goal! (All those snow days sure helped with time to read!) 

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