Thursday, February 12, 2015

Post Christmas Celebrations!!

The  day after our wonderful Christmas, I went to take a shower in the basement and noticed some water. Some stinky water.  So I told my dad then jumped in the shower. When I got out I decided to go look in the unfinished part of the basement, and there was a ton of water! And it smelled. Sewage leak!! 
So our post Christmas celebrations turned into- SALVAGE THE BASEMENT! It was a party let me tell you. But we were glad to be able to help out our parents and it made for some good bonding time!

Turns out a ton of roots were clogging up the pipes. Who knew.

Rotating food storage. AKA putting the 20 year old rice on the top of the 20 year old flour instead of on the bottom ;) 

After a lot of wiping, clorox wiping, and mopping, the basement looked better than it has in YEARS!

This event was actually a bit of a tender mercy. 
a. it happened the day AFTER Christmas instead of during the reception or on Christmas day.
b. that we were all home to help
c. we found the time to clean the basement that desperately needed some TLC
d. it happened on the most beautiful day so we could air it out and not freeze to death.

We rewarded our hard work with some fun on the trampoline.

Love these cute kids!

I was Elizabeth's "assistant" for a family photo shoot. It was pretty entertaining. 

This doesn't happen very often, so he is soaking it up!

I love that the temple is so close to our house and that we got to go do sealings. 

My dad found one of my mom's old debate awards in the basement and came up parading it to present it to her. So cute and funny! I love both of their faces in this picture! 

Julia got her ears re-pierced. 

This salad. So. Delicious!! 

Clark wanted Rudolph to have breakfast too!

Just some good old throw backs for ya....

Sweet Caroline!

Family selfie with the selfie stick! So much love!

Unfortunately we cut our trip a little short because my parents had to leave for my Grandpa's funeral. So we took them to the airport, cleaned up the house, then were on our way. 

Sleepy Sanders :) 

We stopped at Panda Express on the way home because we don't have one in Dayton, so we get it when we can! So good! 

We all made it home safely, and had to go back to real life. 

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