Thursday, February 12, 2015

Christmas Day

Christmas is a pretty fun holiday, but it was so much more fun with kids! They didn't wake us up too early this year, I think we got to sleep till 7 or 8.  
Our newish tradition is to start the morning with streamers dancing to joyful music celebrating that Jesus was born! It is so happy and fun!!

Then we all sit down and have birthday breakfast in honor of Jesus' birth. 

And FINALLY we get to opening presents. One. at. a. time. 

Sadly Lisa had the flu, so she didn't come and we missed her!

PopE showing off his new selfie stick!

Our gift to PopE this year was a painting of one of our relatives playing the cello. It is beautiful! 

Our traditional Christmas dinner consists of ham balls, potatoes, and ROLLS!! So good! And this year we had a really yummy salad also.

Such a happy Christmas sight!

Selfie stick fun....

The end. 
Twas a great Christmas to be sure!

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