Thursday, February 12, 2015

New Years Eve and end of vacationing

Luckily, when we came home from St. Louis we still had a few days of vacation left. We soaked it up by sleeping in and spending time with Tyler's family. Even though it's hard to be away from my family sometimes, I'm so grateful we have Tyler's parents so close by!
We spent New Years Eve at their house playing games and watching the ball drop in Time Square. 
Happy New Year!
(Not my favorite holiday for the record. )

What would New Years be without black eyed peas!

Trey's connected to his computer. Haha

We got a ton of rain for a couple days that flooded our yard pretty good. 

One day we went to Cincinnati with Tyler's parents. We always have so much fun whenever we hang out with them! We used one of our wedding gift cards to buy this beautiful basket! We call it our snake charmer basket :) We use it for our blankets. I love it!

Then work started up again and it was sad. Hahaha. Jk. I feel so blessed to have a job and I really enjoy what I do, but I REALLY don't like waking up at 6 AM. But here's to a new year of earlier bed times and happier mornings!!

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