Thursday, February 12, 2015

December odds and ends

December is always such a busy month!  Here's the random tidbits from the month...

We've started inviting Tyler's parents over for dinner every couple weeks so we're not ALWAYS mooching off their good cooking. ;) Our little table only seats two people so we always have to put up a folding table when any other people join us for dinner. Our little placemats are so bright, they make me happy! 
Tyler also likes to demonstrate his fire building skills for our house guest.  So if you want a fire, just let Tyler know, he'd be more than willing to build one for you! 

The last page of our Charity Project calendar cracks me up! It says "Endureth All Things" True dat.

Watching the Christmas devotional with the fam. 

My coworker made me this beautiful scarf and it has kept me warm all winter!! I love it!

We had a white elephant party for YWs one night, and it was super fun! 
This picture especially cracks me up because the hair behind Elisabeth's head is perfectly positioned! It looks like she has a scrunchy or something! 

Someone made the most DELICIOUS hot chocolate!! They told me the ingredients and man alive is it loaded with sugar, but seriously. SO good. Worth it!! 

This was what I got for my white elephant gift. It's a beaut. But it didn't come home with me because one of my YW had her eye on it, so I regifted it minutes after I'd gotten it. Oh well. Be free Willy! ;) 

And cute snowman donuts didn't hurt my feelings either.

My mother is the absolute sweetest!! I was telling her how I missed reading Christmas stories under the tree with the little Christmas tree cakes, and she sent me a box of both of them!!! She's seriously the best!!! I love all the traditions she created for our family! I hope I can follow in her footsteps! 

Christmas is just so magical! 

We had a surprise birthday party for our friend Tory, whose birthday is December 24. She said people forget her birthday a lot, so we wanted to make sure she was celebrated because she is awesome! It was a fun night of games and brownies! 

Christmas decorations with birthday balloons. :) 

One of the schools I work at had a door decorating contest, so I threw this together one day after school.  It makes me laugh every time I see it! hahaha 

We had quite the marathon of fun with Tyler's parents one weekend! We started Saturday off going to the Band of Flight concert at the Dayton Masonic Center in downtown Dayton. 

This little girl was featured, and she was incredible!! I loved her voice!! 

Then Santa came! Yay!! 

Then we headed down to the Schuster Center to see some decorations and then decided to buy tickets to the nutcracker for later that night! Spontaneous decision, but a very good one! It was awesome! 

We were asked to be on the ward's Christmas party planning committee, but since we were going to miss the party we got put in charge of Santa's room. We had some serious help, but I think it turned out pretty cute! 

Right before Christmas vacation, I did a fun craft with my students. They loved it, and I loved it! Win win! 

And that was our pre Christmas December! Ta da!! 

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