Monday, November 17, 2014

Weekend fun!

Weekends are the best.  This weekend was particularly delightful! I got to have a girl's night with some really great people from our ward! We ate dinner and talked for hours! We stayed up till like 2am! Which was kind of rough for me since I had to wake up at 5:30am to go to my ESL conference in Columbus.  But it was so fun to talk to them, I couldn't help it :) 

The next day, I got to have an hour long facial, which makes any day a million times better! Then Tyler and I got to go to Cincinnati with Anisa (to drop off Trey and friends at a dance) and checked out IKEA and Jungle Jim's. It was a fun night! 

Jungle Jim's is unlike any other store I've been to! SOO big and so many different foods! It was quite the experience!

This was the door to the bathroom! Inside was like a normal bathroom with stalls and everything, but the outside cracks me up! 

Some caramel and bacon fudge :) 

It's so big they have store maps! 

They had a Peruvian aisle, so it was fun to see foods I recognized! 

Hee hee!

Then the weekend just kept getting better by giving me an extra day with a snow day! It's so early in the season to have a snow day, so we'll see what we have in store! 
The first snow day is always magical, especially when you don't have to go to school!! 

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