Monday, November 17, 2014

Nothing like November!

It's kind of hard to believe it's already November! The years are flying by! For real, though. 
We went shopping the first weekend of November, and the malls already had all this stuff out.  Hold your horses people! 
Plus, do you really need to buy a kit to make an ugly sweater? I'm pretty sure there are enough ugly ones out there without people making new ones. 

My sweet YW Brooklyn moved and I'm so sad!!! We're going to miss her a lot!  
These are our sad faces without her :( 

November started out nice and sunny and then. The cold happened. The the snow happened. Winter. Just like that. 

But Daylight Savings did make it so bright when I went to work in the morning for a change! For a couple of was nice but I felt like I was late every day! Haha

This picture was on my desk one morning- freaky! 

We live in such a lovely place!

We did our civil duty and voted! Wahoo! And got a sticker as proof! 

Our ward had our YW in Excellence night where we celebrated the progress our YW have made in their Personal Progress program! The presidency worked really hard on it and it turned out really great!! The theme was based on a mormon ad with a bunch of roses and one daisy that says "Be your own kind of beautiful!" They had the mother's of the YW pick out a flower to represent their daughter and write why, then they presented the flowers to the girls that night.  It was so cute! 
They asked me to bring a dessert that went along with the flower theme, and I had grand schemes of making a cute flower design on some yummy pumpkin brownies I'd made, but between working, voting, and the meeting we had for the ward Christmas party, I had to resort to making flowers out of M&Ms. Oh well. Luckily, Sister Pearce is super artistic and made them look way better than I ever would have! 

Some of my sweet girls! I LOVE working with the Young Women! 

We've been having a lot of these going lately.  It's so cozy and inviting to have a fire burning in the fire place! 

Tyler convinced me to go see the new movie Interstellar one night.  Students had school off the next day, and I just had parent teacher conferences, so I thought I could get away with being a little more tired than usual.  Not so much. Hahaha. I was so tired all day! And the movie stressed me out!! I don't usually like space movies because they make me feel kind of claustrophobic.  But this one was pretty good.  Not the best, but I could handle* it.  

*I did squeeze Tyler's hand pretty hard through most of the movie, soo....

We also got to go on a date with Tyler's family to go see Straight No Chasers in concert.  We went last year and it was super fun, so it's kind of becoming a tradition. We got to see them in Dayton this year, which was also fun! 

 Anisa and I went to Tipp City to check out a Christmas Bizzare.  The bizzare turned out to be super lame, but we found some really cute shops that made up for it! 

Annnnd had delicious nachos for dinner, so you can't go wrong really....

And last but not least, the awkwardness that is school pictures. I wish photographers would look at people and notice if their hair is randomly sticking up in the back...happened in middle school, still happens today. Maybe one day we'll advance to that point in society. ;) 

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