Saturday, October 11, 2014

Sauerkraut Festival 2014

Ohio loves festivals. Like seriously. They have a festival for EVERYTHING!! Popcorn, potatoes, strawberries, sweet corn, renaissance, name it they probably have it. It's crazy! And we love going to them! They're mostly like giant art shows with yummy food. What's not to love? We went to the Sauerkraut festival with Anisa and only planned on spending an hour or two, but we ended up spending like 4 1/2 hours there! The weather was great and there were SO many booths! They had so many cute crafts I wanted to buy, but I resisted (most of them :)) 

I ended up buying this...I couldn't help myself! 

I wanted to buy this really badly!! 

 I love everything blue china....seriously. 

How cute is this owl candelabra? 

Cute Christmas ornaments from a BYU alumni! He gave us a discount! 

They also had lots of yummy food! We tried a "German Sundae"; it had potatoes, sour cream, sauerkraut, cheese, and bacon bits. SO good! 
We tried Sauerkraut pie; it was like a coconut custard pie! Really yummy! 

We tried sauerkraut fudge, also delicious! 
Look at that list of foods! 

Fun and beautiful day! 

Plus it ended with a pumpkin patch, so.....awesome. 

At dinner, Tyler rated it top 5 funnest days since we've moved into our house. So there you have it! We didn't get to clean out the garage like we planned, so that's probably why he thought it was so fun! Thanks a lot sauerkraut! 

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