Thursday, August 7, 2014

Girls Camp 2014

The Tuesday after Julia left, I turned right around and went to Girl's Camp! I've always loved girl's camp, so I was excited to go! Here's our group before it all started- everyone is clean and well rested ;) 

We were greeted by this giant spider (it's not a very good picture- you're welcome) with a giant egg sack. Ew ew ew. 

Sister Taylor and I had kitchen duty and had some serious kitchen bonding time! Check out all those eggs we cracked! 

Hairnet selfie with Sister Cindric

These pictures don't do it justice, but this is the hill we had to walk up to get to our camp site. It was crazy. Our thighs were were rock hard by the end of the week ;) 

Here is our cute little cabin with a porch swing! 

The food we had at camp was super yummy! I mean check out that menu! Lots of hard work, but so worth it! :) 

One of the cute crafts from the craft cabin. 

The camp site we stayed at was really nice! 

Sister Taylor made really cute signs for our meals. This was one of my favorites! 

Our cabins were pretty...outdated. So every time I came back from anything there was gross dirt all over my bed, so I came up with my umbrella contraption.  Then a bat decided to spend the night over my bed which made me even more glad I had it set up :) 

Cue random assortment of pictures....

5 mile hike

The trail was kind of sketchy...but we all made it out alive! 

Our turtle friend from the hike

Two of our young women painted my nails for me 

Two of my new buddies from camp- Sister Larson and Sister Guillion. They're awesome!

weird fortunes. 

Our camp song

Fruit pizza funny faces :) 

The girls put on a mock disaster to practice their first aid skills. It was pretty awesome! 

Playing basketball with my girl Kiera 

Brooklyn and Jenna. Love them! 

Behind the scenes

These goofballs put my name in the good deeds box like 20 times. 

The amazing kitchen staff

My service station- giving massages! 

It was a fun week, but I was super happy to get home to my hubby!! We went out to dinner at Cracker Barrel to celebrate. Going to camp as a leader is a lot different than going as a girl, but I still enjoyed it. I still made new friends and got some good quality bonding time with nature. Gotta love camp! 

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