Monday, July 14, 2014

The Shady Lane House

Well my friends, after MUCH anticipation, we FINALLY got into our own little house!! Hallelujah! On June 28, we spent the first night at our house and began our new adventure! It is a cute 3 bedroom, one bathroom house with a garage (score!!) and a nice front and backyard! Moving has made me realize a few things.  1. I have a ton of junk. Where does it all come from?? 2. Being a grown up is expensive. 3. It's so fun to have your own space to decorate, clean, and be in charge of! Pretty satisfying. 
Here's a little unofficial tour! It already looks a lot different from these pictures, but it's just a general idea for ya'll. And of course you are more than welcome to come for a visit! We sure do love company, and Tyler loves showing off Ohio! 

Our guest bedroom/ the "green room" 
Our bedroom with our wonderful King size bed. I go to bed at night, and don't hear or feel Tyler till morning! Kind of weird but also kind of nice! 

Our bathroom

The front room 

The family room minus any furniture...

Last minute touches before we move in...

The craft room/workout room/yellow room

Our mantle 

The Kitchen
We got a new fridge about a week after we moved in. She's a beaut ;) 
The view from the kitchen window +bonus view of my hubby mowing the lawn on the riding lawn mower. 

Our dining room? 

Selfie eating our first breakfast at our new house :) 

We bought a desk and a table at Goodwill and we are planning on repainting both of them.  We already painted the table and I love how it turned out!!! I'll have to post a picture of it in the family room... 

We're excited to have this house to make memories in and make it our home! 

P.S. Come visit us! 


  1. I have the same Ikea pillows. Your house looks great! I am happy that you guys have your own space. And jealous of your huge yard.

  2. Congratulations on the new house - that is soooo exciting! It's so fun to see your pictures. I guess I've seen you put a couple posts on facebook, but haven't checked it out until now. I'm excited to hear about your adventures in Ohio:)