Monday, July 14, 2014

The Fourth

The Fourth of July is one of Tyler's favorite holidays. He loves anything America, so a whole dedicated to it is right up his alley! I love America too, so it works out. :) Our fourth was pretty low key this year since we just moved into our new house and were still unpacking and we were trying to get ready for my niece Julia coming to visit! But we still had fun!

This is one of my favorite decorations in our house and it's very appropriate for celebrating America! 

 I had some delicious patriotic cereal for breakfast :) 

Then we went and played mini golf with Kyle and Ashley. That's American right? 

 Then we had dinner at the Guy's house; hamburgers, watermelon, and potatoes.  Pretty American if you ask me! 

Fresh picked raspberries from the back yard!! 
Then we went and watched fireworks in downtown Dayton.  They were awesome and in the middle there was this huge flock of geese swimming away making a racket because they didn't like the fireworks. Pretty hilarious! 

Pretty chilly for the fourth of July! 

I feel so grateful to live in a country where we have so many freedoms! I love being able to express my opinions freely and worship my religion freely! How lucky we are! God bless America!!! 

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