Monday, July 14, 2014

Mutual, movie, and marriage!

For mutual one night we went on a hike at a park near our church building.  It's a path along a river and it's very lovely! It was supposed to rain all day but it was sunny all afternoon, so we took our chances. Right as we were heading back the sky started to get dark and when we got into the cars, it started pouring rain! Excellent timing!! We played charades on my phone for a few minutes when we got back to the church, which was also very fun! 

One night after being stuck at home all day while Tyler was at work, I asked Anisa if she wanted to go see a chick flick-y movie with me to get out of the house. Of course, she was down! My Mom recommended the movie but it was only playing in one theater  in our area. It was a small one roomed- theater that was pretty cool! We really liked the movie and it was fun to have girl time! Win-win!  

Got a fun facetime call from Kristen while she and Michael and friends were hiking in the grand canyon! Technology these days, I tell ya what! 

Tyler's Dad was in charge of DJ-ing a wedding in Cincinnati for one of Tyler's friends from High School. I think it was one of the nicest LDS weddings I've ever been to! The gym was DECKED out! It looked beautiful! And the music was awesome! :) 

My cute hubby and I 

Hey Mr. DJ! Tyler likes to step in and help every now and then...

Bonus Blog Funny Story! Someone came up to the stage while Tyler was DJing and starting talking to Tyler. The song was ending so Tyler had to switch out the CD's, but he was kind of distracted by talking and stuck the CD in a gap in the case instead of the CD insert place, but he tried to keep cool and just grabbed another CD and put it in the right place! The guy he was talking to started talking about the DJ equipment and asked how many CD's it could hold. Well now Tyler was caught because he just stuck 3 CDs in (even though it only holds 2) so he was like "uhhh a couple." HAHAHA Maybe you had to be there but I was DYING! So funny! Love that goofy guy of mine! <3 

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