Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Datin' In Dayton

We're always looking for fun (and cheap) dates to go on.  Here are some of the fun ones we've had recently! 

We went and watched our friend Ashley play a softball game for a league she's in, and she was awesome! She did WAY better than I could have ever done! 

(and looked good doing it too! :) ) 

Close to the end we went for a little walk so Tyler could take a picture of the American flag.  He's so patriotic. :) It was a nice night to be outside. 

After the game we played Disney charades at Kyle and Ashley's house (aka our future house!!!) 

Another date was spent working on Kyle and Ashley's new house! Haha Tyler and Kyle worked on putting in the laminate flooring and I helped paint.  This was after we spent the morning cleaning the church building, so we just spent all day together! That counts as a date right? :) 

We also went to a Dayton Dragons game! They have a "Mormon Night" where they sell tickets at a discounted rate, so we decided to go! (More like Tyler thought it would be really fun and I conceded to his better judgement :) And he was right!) It was a perfect night for baseball! And they won with a grand slam! It was a great date! 

Can't go wrong with ice cream in a hat! 

And free hats! 

One of my favorite dates, although it's not so cheap thanks to gas, is going to the temple!! Having it farther away than I'm used to really makes me appreciate when we get to go! I feel so rejuvenated after going! I LOVE the temple!!! 

We had lovely scenery before and after the temple!


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