Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A little bit of this, a little bit of that

Yikes! Catch up time again!! Just lots of little events documented on my phone that I want to talk about. Here we go...

I feel like May is always sneaky and slips a few colds days in that I am not mentally prepared for; this is me documenting one of them: 

We tried out a local Mexican restaurant and the portions were HUGE! I don't know why but Mexican has not been sounding good lately. I was hoping this restaurant would help me get back on the Mexican train, but alas, it did not.  Still not diggin the Mexican dishes. 

Pretty double rainbow! 

One Saturday we decided to go garage sale-ing to see if we could get some good deals on things for our house (which we still have not moved into yet...)  As you can see, it was really wet and it even started hailing for a few minutes.  We're pretty hard core.  Hahaha 

The sun came out just in time for us to take a picture of our spoils.  Not much, but it was a fun morning! 

Then we went over to Kyle and Ashley's house and I did some painting while the boys worked on the floors. 

Then I went over to our future house and did some weeding...

The finished product! :) 

We made another trip to Cox Arboretum with Kyle and Ashley one weekend. It is always a lovely place to visit! 

I found this poem on my board from one of my students.  It made me laugh! 

We had a CRAZY rainstorm (that I thought was going to turn into a tornado but didn't) that caused a lot of flooding in the area.  Luckily we didn't get anything, but up North where my school is got a lot of water! 

This is one of the fields down the street from my school.  More like a swimming pool than a corn field! 

We had Field Day at school and we got to dress really casually- representin the Concord Comets baby! 

Driving on major highways to get to work means I see a lot of accidents on the roads. However, I have been really fortunate in all my commuting to be going the opposite direction of all the really bad accidents.  Tyler was driving one day and I caught a picture of this accident.  A truck and trailer had somehow caught on fire and was smoking like crazy! 

Celebrating Memorial Day in style! We love the USA, so we love wearing red white and blue! 

We celebrated by visiting Brandon's grave.  They put American flags up at each head stone so it looks beautiful in the cemetery.

Tyler was dressed up so I made him pose for me. :) He wasn't super into it though... We went over to the Worthington's with some friends, which I didn't get pictures of, but we had a fun time playing games, eating popcorn, and drinking pina coladas! 

 This. Is summer! I LOVE chocolate dipped cones from McDonalds! It's my favorite summer treat! 

I took this picture at a stop light first of all. I looked in my rear view mirror and saw these geese stopping traffic to cross the road.  Crazy geese.

One date night we went to the Greene and listened to the free outdoor concert. It was the perfect night and a fun concert! 

Then we came home and watched the pilot for Girl Meets World! We have been eagerly anticipating this show and we found a way to see it early! It was pretty corny but I really liked it! I can't wait to see more episodes!! 

Another night we went and saw Maleficent at a Drive In movie with Kyle and Ashley and sat in the bed of their truck.  It was a nice night and I actually really liked the movie! (I didn't think I would so I was pleasantly surprised!) 

Me and the hubs just for fun :) 

Anisa's brother Eric came and visited us with his family.  They were in Florida and decided to go to all the church sites on their way back to Utah! Crazy road trip!! We were glad they came to see us though! They are a great family and we had fun playing with them and roasting marshmallows! 

Their youngest, Mia, was so cute!!

And last, but not least, I finally beat the game 2048.  It's a game on your phone where you have to combine numbers on a grid to try and accumulate up to 2048. Tyler beat it within like two days, so I decided to try and it took me forever!! BUT I finally did it! YAY me! Hahahaha

So, there's the 411 from the New Guys! 

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