Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Little Things

It's been a while. How ya doin? I keep waiting for something fun and exciting to happen to update the old blog-y-o, but it's just been kind of the same old same old over here. So I'm just going to do some rambling, post some pictures, think some thoughts and keep this blog rolling....

So let's start off with a story! My parents went to Disney land a couple of weeks ago, and while they were there they ran into one of my best friends from high school! It is small world after all! Now if only I had been there to join in on this reunion.....

Even though I am not Catholic, I am reaching out to my dear Catholic relations **laurenyouknowwhoyouare** and decided to celebrate Fat Tuesday.  (Lauren, can we include this as part of Cathmormonism? And is this really what I think it is?) I got a disappointing sandwich from Outback with incredible sweet potato fries! 

Then I had to come home and make some famous Campbell Cookies! The dough makes like 50 cookies!! We used to clear pretty much the whole thing in less than 24 hours in college. Kind of gross. But kind of so yummy. I could only eat one cookie before I was full! (Maybe that had something to do with dinner before...hmmmm) 

 So as I mentioned in the previous post, our good friends Annie and Logan are moving to Arizona. In fact they have already moved and are in AZ as I type.  Sad for us :( We decided to have a little goodbye lunch at Cici's Pizza before they left.  After lunch the boys went to work on the house a little bit (YAY!) and the girls went to the mall to run a few errands.  Our mall is getting an H&M, and we are stoked!! We had to give it a hug! 

My nephew Clarky doodle.  I love skyping with him.  He's just too cute. 

A little peek into our personal life here: Tyler hates grocery shopping with me.  Granted, I hate grocery shopping with myself too.  Hahaha. I'm just not usually very organized so I usually walk around the store like three times and then agonize over pretty much every item I have to buy.  So we don't usually go shopping together. However, usually when Tyler goes to the store by himself he comes home with some random purchases. Like the other day he came home with 3 boxes of fruity pebbles because they were on sale.  heehee.  It made me laugh.  Fruity Pebbles used to be my favorite cereal growing up, and either I've gotten old or they make it differently now because it is definitely not as satisfying.  But don't you worry, it still leaves a nice waxy layer on the roof of your mouth. 

My two books I've read so far for March. Between Shades of Gray was a really good read but I have to say I was really disappointed with the ending. I won't give the details in case you want to read it, but I just wish they made the ending longer. I also read Poison Study, which is the first of a trilogy, and I really enjoyed it! Tyler's mom recommended it to me, and I really liked it! 

We were without a car for about 2 weeks (not fun) and so one night we borrowed the Guy's car and ran to Bed Bath and Beyond and Walmart for a little date.  I love my silly hubby :) 

I took this going to church...I thought he looked kind of like Joseph A little? Maybe? 

Tyler and I are both serving in the nursery right now, and boy do they keep us entertained! They are so funny! We definitely earn our Sunday nap by the time church is over! Haha! 

I caught this when it was Ty's turn to fold laundry.  "Google, how do I fold laundry??" ;) 

We've had a smattering of days with BEAUTIFUL weather the past couple of weeks and we've been sure to enjoy them! 

And then it snowed. Sigh. 

Tyler and I made the mistake choice to go play with puppies and the pet store.  We fell in love with a little Shih tzu named Eddison.  He was so soft and sweet! If he wasn't $600, who knows, we may be dog owners right now.  

I found my old lacrosse uniforms from high school in a box my parents sent me from their house.  I had to try it on for old times sake :)  I miss playing!! 

Here's my get up for St. Patrick's Day this year.  We didn't do much celebrating this year. I wore my shamrock earrings to school and ate green peas for lunch and that's about it. Maybe we'll get more adventurous next year. 

My adorable parents celebrated their 38th wedding anniversary on March 18! They are so wonderful in so many different ways! They have shown me what an eternal marriage can and should look like! I look up to them so much! I hope Tyler and I can grow up and have a marriage like theirs! Love you Mom and Dad! Whatever you're doing, keep it up! ;) 

Tyler found an awesome deal online to preorder Frozen, so it arrived on our doorstep the day it was released! Such an awesome arrangement! We all watched it the same night.  I love it so much! It is so cute and wholesome and just fun! I could probably watch it three more times, but I don't want to make myself hate it, so I won't. 

Well there we go! That ended up being a lot longer than I thought it would! I guess the small little everyday happenings add up pretty quickly! 
Stay tuned for more little things! And hopefully some big things! (Maybe some exciting house related news?? Maybe??) 

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