Sunday, March 2, 2014

Finishing up February!

February is already over! How did that happen?? I know it's only 28 days, but man! 
So I thought I'd finish off the month with some random happenings from the last couple of weeks! 

Tyler's hair grows so fast! Maybe it's just because I prefer his hair to be really short, but I feel like he needs a good cut every 3 weeks or so.  He has a different opinion on the matter since he doesn't like sitting down to actually have his hair cut, so it usually ends up being every 5 or 6 weeks. Our good friend Annie is moving to Arizona with her hubby in March ( :( ) so we wanted her to come over and give Tyler one last hair cut before she leaves. We love Annie and her house call haircuts! We will miss her! 

We used a vacuum to get the stray hairs off :) 

I woke up to a sweet note from my hubby one day. I love sweet little notes<3

Our car has on the fritz the past couple weeks. It's definitely been car appreciation week(s)! It is so hard not having a working car!! Luckily, my sweet in-laws have been very accommodating and helpful getting me to and from work (which is no small task working 30 minutes away!). The engine light starting flashing on a Wednesday driving home from work, so Tyler tried to replace the spark plugs to see if that was the problem.  I drove it to work on Thursday morning hoping it would be fixed, but that darn light kept flashing. So we made an appointment to take it in on Friday.  Well, we found out that they wouldn't have time to get to our car until Wednesday of the next week. So we took it in on Wednesday and they said they were still behind and wouldn't be able to get it done until the next Wednesday! SO frustrating!! So three weeks later, we're hoping to have a working car again! It has been nice driving to and from work with my mother in law though, good girl time! :) 

We've been able to go to a couple Wright State Basketball games this winter and were able to get not one, but TWO free t-shirts!! Score! We always have fun hanging out with Kyle and Ashley! 

My selfie wearing my Mickey Mouse scarf in honor of my parents and the Deardeuffs going to Disney World.  Wish we could have gone with them! They are having MUCH better weather than we are! 

Elizabeth and Andrew made a quick weekend trip to St. Louis and came back with a truck full of office supplies and new couches for our (future) new house! We are excited for everything to be ready for us to move in sometime this month! 

Clark is just so cute, he needs to be documented! 

On February 26, my dear friend Chelsea got home from her mission and I got to talk to her for a little bit! I love how you can just instantly pick things up with truly kindred spirit friends! We talked and laughed so hard, just like the good old days! I just wish we were closer so I could also see her! Hopefully that will happen soon! 
Unfortunately, later that night after I was asleep for like 1 hour, I woke up with horrible stomach pains and started throwing up. I HATE throwing up! I don't think anyone enjoys it necessarily, but I really try to avoid it if possible. So I stayed home from school the next day to sleep it off. Blech.  Sick=No fun

Tyler took such good care of me, even when I was puking my guts out. 

The last weekend of February, well actually technically the first weekend of March,  Tyler's parents left to celebrate their 25th Wedding anniversary which was on the 25th. (So I'm including it as part of February anyway!) They were going to go to Cincinnati, but there was a big snow storm coming in so they decide to just stay closer in case the roads got bad.  We were in charge of "babysitting" Trey.  He was such a good baby! ;) We mostly just hung out at home, but we did take him to the mall on Saturday (which included an awkward run-in with his ex-girlfriend. awesome) and made a yummy dinner and dessert for him to enjoy.  

Tyler disappeared and we found him here.  Fingers crossed for winning that contest....

This ice cream is divine.  YUM-O! 

I recently got a fitbit watch thing and I've really enjoyed it! I like being able to see how my day was activity wise and try and base my food choices on how active I've been. I love seeing that green!

We ended up getting church cancelled on Sunday because of the snow storm (which didn't end up being as bad as they predicted, but that's ok). We had a lovely Sunday sleeping, reading, playing games, and having our own mini testimony meeting.  I love hearing my husband's testimony and having an opportunity to share mine! I love my Savior so much and I love being a member of His church!!!! 

I'm continuing with my resolution to read at least one book a month! This month I read three books! Yeah yeah! I read Matched, Wonder, and Bomb. I really enjoyed all three of them! I am loving this resolution! Matched kind of reminded me of the Divergent Series. It's a futuristic society that controls the behavior of it's citizens to create the optimal society.  This book though, has a matching process to decide who you will marry and the main character has a fluke in her matching that makes her start to question the whole system.  Bomb was a super interesting book about making the atomic bombs during WW2.  I have always enjoyed learning about that time in history, and this book gave me a better look into that particular part of the story! Wonder was also an interesting read.  It was about a boy who has some serious facial deformations who decides to go to a private school for fifth grade after being home schooled his whole life.  The story is told from a couple different perspectives which helps keep it interesting.  I would recommend reading all three of these books! 

SO there goes February! It was nice to see you, but let's hope March brings us better weather!! 

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