Friday, December 5, 2014

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

This household is all about waiting till AFTER Thanksgiving to start Christmas.  So you better believe the day after Thanksgiving, we started busting out the Christmas spirit!!
Tyler was bound and determined to get a Christmas tree, even though we'll be gone for Christmas. So we bought a life one from SAMS for like $20.  I have one happy husband! 
Christmas lights are so magical! 
Here is our tree before decorations. It's got character. :) 

My cute snowman light

Our Christmas mantle decorations 
We LOVE candles around here, and Balsam and Cedar might be our favorite scent. Mmmmm! Between our live tree and this candle, our house is smelling pretty good these days! 
 To wrap up the month, we got to celebrate by teaching the combined YW/YM 5th Sunday lesson on Eternal Marriage! Woo! Haha.  Let me tell you, co teaching with your spouse is not easy. It was hard to plan it together, but I think it came together well. I used Barbies as part of the lesson, and I think they were a hit! Haha

For Family Home Evening, we decorated our Christmas Tree!! Every year growing up, my parents bought us a new ornament to put on the tree so by the time we grew up and got married we would have ornaments of our own to put on our tree. I have to say, I got pretty teary eyed pulling out my ornaments out of their boxes.  I have a lot of memories from growing up and playing with/finding my ornaments, so I'm glad to have them on my own tree <3 

We had YW activity of decorating ginger bread houses.  I got to decorate one with Keasha. We had a lot of fun! 

I decorate my door for the holidays.  Since my students don't all celebrate Christmas, I decided to do more of a winter theme.  I had my students help cut out the snowflakes too. 

Tyler loves looking at Christmas lights, so we drove around one night and looked at the lights in our neighborhood.
This one was our favorite:

Poor Frosty is feeling overwhelmed by the season ;)

People in Ohio love Ohio State!

These last two cracked us up. The struggle is real. 
I think their rope lights fell down or something. 

This tree looked like they spun a web in the tree of lights. Looks cooler in the picture than in real life. It's still cool though. I mean it's still cool, it's a glowing bush. And it's Christmas. And we love Christmas! 

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